Q: Who do I contact with questions about my warranty claim?

A: Please contact Sales@GermanMuscle.co or call us at 480-569-3402 with any questions, issues or claims you need to make on your warranty.

Q: If I use my warranty to have my item replaced, can I get another warranty on the replacement item that I receive?

A: No, you cannot get a warranty on a replacement item.

Q: Can I use my warranty to get a refund on the item, instead of a replacement?

A: No, the warranty covers a replacement only. You cannot get a refund.

Q: What if the item my warranty covers is discontinued or otherwise no longer offered by German Muscle?

A: We can assist in choosing another item that is of equal value to the purchase price of the item that was previously ordered that your warranty covers.

Q: Could I use my warranty towards another item of equal or lesser value?

A: No. Your warranty only covers the exact part you purchased.