RW Carbon Black/Polished Exhaust Tips

Fi Exhaust Valvetronic Exhaust System

Weistec Turbo



If you want a new exhaust note, unlock the roar. Just remove the resonator. The sound is just heavenly and aggressive enough for the urban jungle while still being livable in suburban conditions.

Long Tube Headers


Enhance the look of your vehicle with a reduced fender well gap. Sport Springs lower the vehicle center of gravity and reduce body roll for better handling. 


Race technology for the road, with adjustable compression and rebound dampening.

Springs Coilover


Side Skirt

Front Lip


Custom Steering Wheel

Mirror Replacements

Highlights from a post on the Mercedes Benz World Forum

Mods You Need to Upgrade Your AMG C63 With

Have you lost that loving feeling? These mods will kick new life into your beloved AMG.


Grabbing a quality set of headers for your AMG is key for forcing exhaust gasses to leave the cylinders. For the uninitiated, headers work by annihilating the back pressure from the manifold. There’s no need to be conservative, as headers give each cylinder its very own exhaust pipe to travel down. Here is a fantastic write-up from forum member Superlubricity on various headers available for the C63


Adjustable coilovers for the C63 can give you the everyday versatility of navigating normal driving conditions but also give you more dynamic driving and aggressive handling. When looking to modify the handling of your car, the most important component (besides your tires) are the coilover shocks. 


Getting a tune on your car can wake up the potential of things Mercedes might have left on the table and allow your new parts to work together more cohesively. 

ROW Air Box

Don’t waste your money on intakes, as those don’t really do anything for your C63 performance-wise. If you are into an altered sound for the exhaust, then you could throw your money at a unit but don’t expect any real gains. If you would like to only let the car breathe better, then you should invest in a ROW air box kit. These units don’t have the charcoal filters that are present in the stock air boxes and have new MAF sensors as well.


If you want a new exhaust note, don’t go shopping for a new unit when you have a more than adequate one already! To unlock the roar in your stock unit and awaken things in yourself you thought were long gone, just remove the resonator. Many enthusiasts remark that the sound is just heavenly and aggressive enough for the urban jungle while still being livable in suburban conditions.